The Vision of of STIE Indonesia Jakarta ::
To become one of the Superior and Dignified Economic and Business Higher Education Institutions in ASEAN in 2030.

The Mission of STIE Indonesia Jakarta:
Organizing higher education in the field of economics and business in a professional and competitive manner to produce quality and internationally competitive human resources by upholding morality, faith, piety, and culture.

Objectives of STIE Indonesia Jakarta ::

  1. Improving quality education processes in the fields of economics and business to produce graduates who are competent, competitive, and have noble character.
  2. Produce research in the field of economics and business that gets national and/or international recognition by upholding academic morals and ethics.
  3. Improving community service activities that are quality and beneficial for the welfare of the people of Indonesia and the world.
  4. Increasing cooperation with various relevant parties, both domestic and foreign, for the development of Tridharma programs.