Hallo beSTIE Indonesia…

On February 3, 2023, STIE Indonesia Jakarta and SMAN 21 Jakarta held an event "Motivation Seminar Towards School Exams & College Entrance
For Class XII Students of SMAN 21 Jakarta” and also as a form of Community Service by
Indonesian College of Economics, Jakarta, which began with the Signing of Cooperation with SMAN 21 Jakarta.
The event was held at the Paisal Kamal Auditorium, Campus A building.

Source person :
Drh. H. Aris Ahmad Jaya, DVM, MM as CEO of PT. ABCo Sugesti Motivated and Sugesti Power Navigator

Moderator :
Mr. Asep Supriadi, S.Pd

This event was welcomed by the Committee and Principal of SMAN 21 Jakarta, namely:
Mrs. Dr. Hj. Wulan Purnawati, M.IKom, and Mrs. Niyata Sirat, M.Pd

And this event was also welcomed by the Head of STIE Indonesia Jakarta:
Mr. Assoc. Prof. Drs. Ridwan Maronrong, M.Sc

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